Human Concentration

It's not always easy to have all students actively engaged. However sometimes the silliest things you come up with are the magic key for the moment This week I wanted to do something with my big flash cards that would allow the kids to move about or partner up. Then it came to me, Human Concentration. I'm not too sure about the name, but you'll get the idea.  I select 10 kids, then pass our 5 sets of cards; numbers to sets,  upper/lower case letters, or sight words.  The students hold their card and face away from the rest of the class in a line.  Students then take turns calling on students to turn around, say what is on the card and if they are a match.  If they match, then both kids sit down.  If not, they turn around and then it is someone else's turn.  I'd love suggestions for a better name to the game.


Camille said...

I can hardly wait to try this with my kiddos. I am going to call it "Match Me" or "The Match Game" until someone comes up with a really clever name.
An Open Door

Tiffani said...

Match Me sound better then Human Concentration-

Tamara L. Chilver said...

So cute and clever!

Terri Streicher said...

Fabulous idea that could be applied to any grade or subject area! I agree that Match Me is a good name!
PS I "pinned" your idea on Pinterest!