I Really Messed This Up

Well, I really made a mess of my blog.  I was trying to change my background and well, I did, sort of I know have two separate blog backgrounds together.  HELP!  


Libby said...

Are you not supposed to have the polka dots? Maybe you could hi-light everything and reload your background. The only thing i tend to lose when I place a new background is my signature. Good luck!
Dual Kinder Teacher

Tiffani said...

I did manange to change it back to the dots, but for a while I had a different background, but the center was the same. I'll have to keep playing. Never figured out how to get a signature.

Tammi said...

When you install a new blog design there is usually a check box that will ask if you want to keep all of your widgets and such. As long as you keep that checked the only stuff you will have to fix are the things you added directly to the pages html code(such as google analitics tracking) and not by an html code gadget (blog button, followers, etc). If you are nervous about making changes you can save a backup copy of your blog design by clicking "Edit HTML" when you are on the blog design tab. This allows you to download the code and save it in a file on your computer. Then if you don't like the changes you make you can upload that file to put all of the changes back.

If you are still trying to make changes let me know and I'll do my best to help you.

Having Fun K-1