Cheep- 1's, 10's 100's Pocket Chart

The other day while cruising through the Dollar Store- ok not cruising, racing because my kids told me I only had a few minutes... I found this closet organizer with clear pockets.  For some reason I thought it would be bigger.  I had originally bought it to hang in my classroom closet- LOL to hold things like my hairspray, hairbrush, lint roller and such.  When I opened it, my first thought was "that's it?'  Then I had an A-ha moment. It is a 1's, 10's, 100's Pocket Chart.  I made labels on my computer using the large labels I think they are # 5164.  I then punched then with my scallop circle punch- what scrapbooker doesn't have one of these.  It took a few tries to get it the right size because I insisted on have a cutesy border within the circle.  I just used plain paper until I go it right.  I'll use the bottom two pockets to hold the colored tongue depressors that aren't in use.  I'll use separate colors for each category.  Sorry there was a reflection for the clear  pockets.

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Teachingwright said...

Very creative!! I used a ton of scholastic points for the one I have...I much rather would have spent a dollar! :)