My new Dollar Store Finds

Lady Bug Teacher Files is having a Linky Party- If you follow my blog, you know I love the Dollar Store and Target.  It seems like my last few posts have been about all the great things I've found  while shopping these stores.  If you missed them you can find them here and here

While on vacation we stopped at the Dollar store and $30 later... (It wasn't all for my classroom,  had some help from my daughter...)  However I did find those bingo daubers that everyone talks about YAY ME!!! Six different colors, so I had to get 2 of each color.  I also found these grat big popcorn tubs to play POP! with.  I had the smaller ones from Trget, but it was too had to get the cards out of.

 I also found these great acrylic photo frames.  Such a score being that they are $2 at Walmart.  I like to use them to hold directions at centers.

 So hop on over to Lady Bug Teacher Files and join the party to share your fabulous finds

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FHa86 said...

I bought those bingo markers and that giant popcorn tub too. What is the game POP that you will play with it?