Take-Home Readers Linky Party

Last year my Kindergarten kiddos took home books every night.  It was a huge pain to do all by myself.  I didn't always have parent volunteers to help.  This year I'm toying with the idea of giving them one bag on Monday with 3 books and have them return the books and bag on Fridays.  I use a library pocket chart card system to keep track of who has which books.  So tell me how you deal with take-home readers, do you do it nightly or weekly?  Give me some info and some new ideas.  I want to work smarter not harder.


Jennifer said...

Children are encouraged to read take home readers each night and return them, but can keep them as long as they need to be able to read it to my TA, a volunteer, or myself. All books are to be returned on Friday no matter what. This works well for us.

If I were to do the once a week return/exchange, I would assign each child a day to return their bags. This way I would not have 20+ to do in one day. I would just have about 5 or 6.

Abbi Jordan said...
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